Audio Classes


Step Into Your Feminine Power Audio Class:

Guidance for rising up in the changing times.

45 min MP3 download: $9

This 45 minute audio class discusses the rise of the feminine energy of this earth and how it is impacting all of us, from changing within to changing relationship dynamics to political turmoil. We left the Piscean Age, which was male dominated energy, and entered the Aquarian Age, which is female dominated energy. Everything we are experiencing, including the violence throughout the world, is a result of this transition. The key to the transformational time is to rise up into your feminine power. Morgan Elizabeth Millogo will guide you on a journey where you will experience the unconditional love energy of Mother Earth, step into your power, and experience your feminine energy through the teachings of the Owl Spirit Animal. At the end of the day, it is up to you to heal yourself and step into your own power. This class can provide tools to help you do so.