Healing Sessions

Rose In Fire Shamanic Spiritual Healing and Guidance
Morgan Elizabeth Millogo

*All Sessions Available In Person and Remotely

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Basic Healing: $80
This session will remove all negative, harmful energies and entities. Your energy will be balanced by working with the unconditional love of Mother Earth and my spirit guides. A Spirit Animal or multiple Spirit Animals will come to work with you bringing their gifts and messages. I will also ask my guides for any additional messages of guidance for you.
Morgan Explains Basic Healings on Youtube

Spiritual Guidance Sessions $125 – 1 hr 15min
A spiritual guidance session is comparable to a life coaching session combined with a basic healing session. We will sit and discuss what it is you are working through in your life and trying to manifest. You will receive two journeys. A basic healing journey to clear yourself and a guidance journey that can focus on a specific question or area you are navigating through. We will go over any practical spiritual tools to help you manifest your desires here on earth. Excellent if you are feeling stuck in any personal and/or business area in your life.

Past Life Healing: $200
This session will involve releasing all emotions, lessons, and patterns from the most relevant past life for you at this time. I will journey to see who you were, who you loved, what you believed in, and I will witness your death and your final thought. Afterwards, I will guide your through a meditation where you will put who you were in that past life to rest and release all the emotions from it.
Morgan Explains Past Life Healings on Youtube

Vitality Healing: $200
Also known as cord cutting, you will be taken through a guided meditation to the matrix of a particular relationship, which can include work, family, friends, romantic partners, pets, where you will cut the cords to take back your energy and release the energy of the other person. You will then dissolve the matrix of the relationship, helping to free everyone involved. If you chose, you can create a new matrix for what you would like to create in your life.

Soul Retrieval: $400
This consists of two sessions. In the first session, I journey to retrieve a part of your soul that left due to a trauma and is now ready to return. In the second session, I take you through a guided meditation to meet the soul part and a teacher. The soul part will tell you what it needs to help with the integration process. Afterwards, we will do a simple fire ceremony to free up your energetic space to help with the integration process.
Morgan Explains Soul Retrievals on Youtube

Curse Removal: $500
Another way to understand this work is as a very specific, deep energetic thread removal. Many people will carry over a negative energy attached to them from a past life. When the client is spiritually ready to have this energetic thread removed, it will show up in a scan. This involves me wrapping this energy around a twig that you will burn and three consecutive days of a simple ceremony for the ancestors.

Space Clearing: $50/area minimum charge $300
This involves deep ceremonial work that clears your space of any negative energy, lingering entities or spirits, and moves all stagnate energy. Perfect for homes that are trying to sell, have just been bought, or any home that has experienced turbulent energy or odd occurrences.

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