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Welcome to Rose in Fire! Let’s Unblock Your Soul!


I am Morgan Elizabeth Millogo, a certified Contemporary Shamanic Practitioner. My mission is to help people unblock their souls to live as their whole, true authentic selves and manifest their dreams. I do this through sharing my stories, life lessons, and tools through my weekly podcast “Mindfulness with Morgan”, and through my book and workshops. Also, I offer in person and remote sessions to help remove any obstacles and help restore you to your whole self.

Through helping each other heal and creating supportive communities, we will be able to love ourselves and love each other resulting in us living in pure unconditional love energy, the most powerful energy there is. Doing this will not only transform our earth, but heal it. Together we can accomplish transformation beyond what we imagine.

Enjoy exploring this site, and please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions!



Morgan Elizabeth Millogo
Unblock Your Soul


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